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Beats Avenue (B.A.) is a music website offering music products & services

Singers, rappers

Trendy instrumentals/beats for your single/album/mixtape projects, live shows/performances, demos…

Labels, record companies, executive producers, managers

Top quality music produced by experienced composers/arrangers, for your artists’ projects: single/album…

Video/film makers, media professionals and broadcasters

Large catalogue of instrumentals/beats to be synchronized with your visual works: video, film, documentary, video game, website, advertizing…

Who Are We?


Beats Avenue® was founded by experienced music producers who have work references with several music labels and artists worldwide. On this website, you will find them under the alias: “Booming Brothers“.

Being in the music business for many years as musicians and artists, the Booming Brothers know how tough it is to build the road to success. By creating this website, the founders’ goal is to provide easy access to quality music at a very affordable price. As they say:

Ultimately, we would like to help any artists from amateurs to professionals, unsigned to indie, to get a big boost in their career.

Indeed, Beats Avenue is the place “where your music comes true!”.
On Beats Avenue, you will find a wide range of music genres from Pop to Hip-Hop, including Electro, R&B, Soul, Rock, Acoustic… To listen, please check out our Beat Store music player.

All the tracks listed on this website are free from any third party sample. They are all certified being the original work of Beats Avenue producers.

Beats Avenue offers different kind of services according to your needs

Instrumental/Beat under license (direct download)

Instrumental/beat for lease (non-exclusive)

Most instrumentals/beats listed on B.A. are for lease. This means that B.A. grants non-exclusive licenses of use to the buyers. Various types of licenses, granting different rights, are proposed:

  • For recording artists: Standard lease, Gold lease and Platinum lease
  • For video/film makers, media professionals and broadcasters: Sync license

Exclusive beat/instrumental

Only a few instrumentals/beats on B.A. can be acquired with an exclusive license. This means that the buyer of such a license will be the unique (exclusive) user of the instrumental/beat.

On request


If you have a song that needs to meet high quality standards for CD pressing or any broadcast (TV, radio), we can mix and master your track for a competitive rate!

Custom Beat/Instrumental

If you would like to get tailor-made music according to your taste and needs (arrangement, songwriting), we can do that. The instrumental/beat will be exclusively produced for you! You’ll be the owner of the Master.

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Our Producers

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