Custom Beats Service

According to your tastes and needs

Tailor-made Music

Beats Avenue proposes to produce custom music according to your tastes and needs. The music is unique, produced for you only, and can’t be resold by Beats Avenue. 100% ownership granted to you (Master) for unlimited New Works, distribution, sales, promotional activities, TV/radio broadcast, concerts & any public performance.

What we offer

To produce an instrumental / beat (without lyrics) according to your request, tastes, needs: arrangement or songwriting (composition + arrangement).

The music producers (composers / arrangers) in charge of this have more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

What you will get

A unique original custom-made music (custom beat / instrumental) – High Quality digital audio file in MP3 & WAV format

A full control over the mix and possible multiple revisions

Upon request: Stems or all audio files of the music, available for download (format: wav audio files, 44 kHz/24 bits).

Pack Arrangement

Starts at 700 From a vocal or instrument melody line
  • Production of music (arrangement) based on your original composition: your vocal recordings or your piano/guitar melody line for example.
  • 100% ownership of Master granted to you
  • Songwriting copyright split negotiable: you own the rights on the lyrics. Depending on the case, we can split the share on the composition, or simply get an arrangement share or nothing. To be discussed.
  • Production credits to Beats Avenue Producer (co-composition and/or arrangement)

Pack Songwriting

Starts at 850 From scratch according to your instructions
  • Production of original music from scratch: composition + arrangement.
  • 100% ownership of Master granted to you
  • Songwriting copyright split: you own the rights on the lyrics / we own the rights on the composition.
  • Production credits to Beats Avenue Producer (composition and arrangement)
  • Read more about legal aspects

Take your career to the next level! Request Custom Beats!

Just follow these few steps:

  • Referring to the information you have transmitted to us, we will make our offer: description of the work, price of the service, date of delivery…
  • Depending on the case, we might send you different agreements to sign and return to us.

Once you have accepted the offer and returned the agreements (if applicable), your order will be confirmed.
We will then send you an invoice by email and request you to make a (non-refundable) down payment of 50% of the total amount. You may pay via Paypal (including credit/debit card) or bank transfer upon request.

Once the payment has been made, we will proceed to the music production.

A few days later, you will receive the requested custom music by email (mp3 format, with a short Voicetag). At this stage, we will ask for your feedback regarding the job done and proceed to some changes if necessary.

Once you are fully satisfied with the music ordered, we will request you to do the final payment of the amount due. We will then send you the final instrumental/beat in wav format, with no Voicetag.

Upon request, we can provide stems or every track audio files of the project (available for you to download on a server, in wav format, 44 kHz/24 bits).


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    Did you know? What we are charging is very low compared to what top music producers would charge to record labels for such services: this can be 10 to 100 times the fee of Beats Avenue…

    Legal aspect (Pack “Songwriting” only)

    • You will become the owner of the music ordered (i.e. the “master” sound recording). Depending on the case, a specific order agreement might be signed. It will list all the rights of exploitation granted (right to sell, distribute, broadcast, use in public places) and the purpose of the work including the music ordered. Also depending on the case, a music producer contract might be signed.
    • Beats Avenue composer/producer remains the owner of the music (melody) copyright. Any use that requires the authorization of the rights holders, including B.A. composer/producer, such as the right to adapt (audiovisual: video clips…), synchronize (film, documentary, commercial…), to sample, arrange/modify/transform (remix…) etc. must require the written consent from B.A.
    • The music will be registered provisionally at SACEM (French copyright collection society) and therefore subject to copyright (royalties…). Whenever lyrics are written to the music, the copyright share of the song shall be as follows (mechanical rights):
      • 50% for the composer (of Beats Avenue)
      • 50% for the lyricist (i.e. you or any other person designated by you)
        SACEM final title registration must be signed by both parties. Even if the lyricist is not a member of SACEM, the registration will still be possible.
        If the song is published, half of the publishing share will be claimed by Beats Avenue.
    • Under Moral rights, credits must be given to the authors of the work (including B.A. composer/producer) for any use of it.

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