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What Artists need to know while hiring or working with a Music Manager

Whether you have a music band or are a solo artist, finding a music manager is one of the important tasks you must consider. Music managers will handle most of the aspects of your career. They arrange and book shows, handle contracts and business deals, and make other decisions related to career. Thus, you can devote 100% of your time to the thing you love and need to develop the most: singing!

The Top Things to Know If You Are Starting Out

music managerThere can be a whole lot of other things to do apart from music when you are trying to make it big and it is understandable if you get confused.

If you are an artist who is just starting out, finding a music manager may be daunting. Even established artists face problems with their managers.

Here are a few important things you need to know:


– A manager can be expensive

A manager takes a percentage cut of an artist’s income. This percentage depends on which country you are from but it can be like between 10 to 20% of your earnings. If your income isn’t high enough, it will be difficult for you to hire one. For one, it simply wouldn’t be cost effective.

– Finding a music manager is not easy

Very few managers will agree to work with you if you are struggling or are not famous enough.

– Don’t Make Getting Manager a Priority

Music managers would rather want to discover talents themselves rather than having artists behind them all the time. If you find a music manager who’s not interested in what you’ve got to offer, a good idea is to move on.

Having a music manager doesn’t mean that your problems will be solved

He may not care about your music career and may be in it only for the money. Also, your manager may not work hard enough for you to get shows or may not promote you to his best efforts. This can be quite damaging for you.

However, there are a few things you can follow to ensure that you do not face many issues while working with or finding a music manager.

  1. Find a music manager who is passionate about your music

If he is visibly excited to work with you because he loves your work, it will be better for you in the long run. It is true that if a manager looks at something only from a business point of view, it may spell doom for your career.

  1. Check the authenticity of your music manager

Try to find someone who has a music degree and knows how the music industry works. It is always better to work with someone who has some experience as well as favorable reviews in the field. Verify their credibility before agreeing to hire them.

  1. Contract is important

Always sign a written contract before you start work together. Don’t go for verbal arguments. And try to get a lawyer specialized in music business or generally in intellectual property rights.

  1. Measure success

music managerKeep track of how effective your manager is bringing your career forward. Is he getting you shows and helping with promotion more than you could do on your own? It is important to have someone who will steer you to your success without you reminding him to do so every now and then.

Finding a music manager who you can work with effectively is very important if you want to take your career to the next level. Building a music career is more than just singing or making songs… Good luck!

Picture of Steve C

Steve C

Hi guys, my name is Steve. I have worked in the music business for more than 10 years as a manager for artists and music producers. I am the General Manager of Beats Avenue, welcome on the site!

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